Artist Statement

Perpetually foreign, fitting neither here nor there—I am the tension hanging on a clothesline between two countries. Sourcing from my experiences of navigating Filipino otherness while having been born and raised in the States, I operate from the space between these two cultures. 

My work is about the acquisition and reclamation of heritage and memory while in the diaspora. Creating sculptures, I use objects that inform my conflicted conception of what identity should be according to two different cultural rubrics. Domestic items, clothing, and house-construction materials reference the home space that became my Philippines in the States. Now repurposed, their hybridity and collaged forms address larger dualities like labor vs. leisure, interior vs. exterior, and hyper visibility vs. invisibility.

By using pieces of my personal history as departure points to explore biculturalism, I ask the question: Can I ever come to know that which is foreign to me?