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 A WESTERN WIND WALL (GENERATIONS) is an installation of seven common household fans arranged to confront the viewer and face, body, and foot level with a constant, wind gust from the west. In a diamond-like arrangement, vinyl letters on the center plate of each fan read homonymic alliterations of the word “For”— FOUR, FOR, FORE, FORT, FORGE, and FORCE— that encircle GENERATIONS labelling the center fan. The top point of the diamond shape is an acrylic sign that reads: A WESTERN WIND WALL. 

A WESTERN WIND WALL (GENERATIONS) faces the viewer was an oppositional wind force larger than the body as a metaphor for the confrontational system of Westernization. Through a Filipino American lens, this Westernization is not only confrontational, but colonial. A WESTERN WIND WALL (GENERATIONS) aestheticizes generations of Westernization that have colonially intervened the cultural fabric of the Philippines and the Filipino Diaspora.

A WESTERN WIND WILL (GENERATIONS), 2019, Fans, vinyl letters, and acrylic, Approximately 8 x 10 x 2 feet.


Documented by Collin Pollard